SILCON/C. R. Contador & Associados Ltda. is a consulting organization whose core mission is to help clients to be more successful. The services we provide are based on the premise that change and renewal have become prerequisites for the firm's success - indeed often their survival in the new environment of price stability and globalization. The era of stable prices and globalization opens wide opportunities for those companies and groups that understand the new challenges and are willing to undertake operational and strategy changes.

For these reasons, SILCON is not another consulting firm, as those that appear and then disappear. Most consulting companies are prone in highlighting problems, but are short on answers. We do have a strong commitment to solve problems through technology and advanced software tools, in particular those related to strategy planning and forecasts. Each client has specific needs and we identify those techniques and tools that can solve particular classes of business problems. However, in addition to the quality of our products, the larger commitment is always with the customer. The products that we develop and the services we offer are important tools for our customers' satisfaction.

The shape of our company ripened in 1994 in response to the perception of the great demand for competent services rendered and differentiated in the area of business planning and forecast. The business environment is mutable, and future contains both risks and opportunities. The difference between success and failure depends on the managerial quality and of the appropriate information - the ability to transform risk and uncertainty into opportunities. We found that more and more, companies in Brazil are asking for a broader rethinking of their business and of their information support, but in most times do not know how and where to start the change and which goals to be set. The objective is not only to hone and sharpen each of our well-developed competencies, but also to recognize that each member of our staff must contribute to the integration whole we offer clients.

Our interest is to develop long-term business ties, the only way of knowing each client's potential and problems. In this involvement we want to be part of our customer's competitive arsenal, supplying and dissecting the information in the right timing.

However the full access to information does not guarantee business success. Information can be useful when one knows how to select and exploit it. We teach our clients to set up information systems and to use them efficiently. Our philosophy is not simply to foresee the future : we help our customers to build their own future.

The Products

Our services are offered through six lines that may be applied separately or together for any client. These services have registered clear progress toward longer term objectives as expressed in our strategic intent. Combining service lines is how we deliver integration solutions to our clients.

Leading Indicators

Our technical staff has over twenty years experience in designing and use of leading indicators in forecasting short-term market behavior and macroeconomic variables. Sales and production show cyclical movements and a misinterpretation of the future phase of the market cycle may render sale losses or undesirable stocks. Leading indicators allow our clients to keep track and foresee the behavior of their market. We design specific information systems for each business and the result is a systematic, focused and reliable forecast tool that help our customers to manage their business activities. The forecast system is supported by a database with more than 3.200 variables - many of exclusive access of SILCON - that allows the development of systems for a wide variety of business and markets.

Macroeconomic and sectorial scenarios.

Strategy planning needs some information about the possible environments in the future and their probabilities, to facilitate reasoned thinking on the long-run impact of economic policy changes. Our view of the medium and long-run economic scenarios is based on econometric models and simulators that allow an integrated approach of macroeconomics and the clients' business activity. For each client, we design a specific model tailored to its business and market conditions. This is a very helpful tool to understand the relationship between the overall economic, the market conditions and the response of business decisions.

Market research.

SILCON is prepared to attend market research in consumption centers of the client's choice.

Seminars, workshops and executive training

We use modern teaching techniques with extensive help of business games and tailor made softwares - designed by our staff - that simulate the economic environment faced by executives in their daily business activities. Since 1988, more than 1600 executives already participated in our seminars and strategic games.

Project elaboration and appraisal

We prepare social and private appraisal of investment projects for submission to banks and finance agencies.

Portfolio and asset analysis

SILCON has attended several investment and commercial banks, financial institutions, asset management and other finance consultant organizations. We offer consulting, and design portfolio techniques and performance analysis for both personal investors and business.